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Carburetor Tester
CO2 Leak Tester
CO2 Test Fluid

Then we have something interesting for you!

Schleyer-Test-Equipment GmbH has been manufacturing and selling a proven and robust test system “Made in Germany” for combustion engines worldwide for decades.

With the Syncrhometer (carburetor tester), car mechanics, car restorers, hobbyists, … can quickly and easily adjust the carburetor perfectly.

A quick check of leaks between the combustion chamber and the cooling system can easily be carried out with the CO2 leak tester

For 50 years we have served satisfied customers in many countries around the world who successfully sell or use these high quality devices and test liquid.

Would you like to expand your range and offer your customers a high-quality test device?

We have modernized and expanded our production, so you and your customers can also benefit from it.

You are welcome to become our wholesale partner in your country!

If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Alexander Schmich (German) –

Frank Mikuletz (English, Spanish, Portuguese) –

Nicole Thein (German) –

Carburetor Tester, CO2 Leak Tester, CO2 Test Fluid